Introducing Cedric, the eternal optimist here at Hamus Hosting! 🌟 If life gave him lemons, he’d not only make lemonade but but also create his own lemonade stand empire! Cedric’s positivity is contagious, he could probably convince a plant to grow in the desert! 🌵🍋 This is probably why wherever he goes, business opportunities are created. Whether he’s halfway across the world prospecting new hosting locations, organising heat re-use synergies, or speaking the gospel of bitcoin at events, Cedric’s upbeat attitude turns even the most mundane tasks into exciting adventures. Just being around him is like getting a free boost of serotonin! Keep spreading those good vibes, Cedric! 🚀😄


Cedric, our most dynamic team member at Hamus Hosting! 🚀 Enjoying classic cars, motorsports, reading, chess, sauna’s and a daily visit to the gym 💪, Cedric is always buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. Having studied a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Technologies at the University of Applied Sciences, and doing a Minor in International Relations, he’s our go-to guy for all things engineering related. When he’s not traveling for work, he is probably starting some new technical project. From building his own immersion setups to crafting an air-cooled system to heat his own house during the early days of Hamus, Cedric’s ingenuity knows no bounds. Outside of work, Cedric is happily engaged to his lovely girlfriend, and they’ve just moved into their new house in a rural child friendly area. (let’s see what happens there ♥️😁) With Cedric spearheading the team, innovation and creativity are always at the forefront! 🛠️💡💡

Favorite Quote

“its mere existence is an insurance policy that will remind governments that the last object the establishment could control, namely, the currency, is no longer their monopoly. This gives us, the crowd, an insurance policy against an Orwellian future.”

Saifedean Ammous

Contact me

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +316 41778066