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Table of Contents

These conditions relate to the following activities (services):
– hosting servers
– repair of servers
– transporting servers
– manage crypto wallets of groups and individuals

Price and payment conditions

Prices for services are corresponding to the prices stated in the confirmation of services. Unless otherwise indicated in the confirmation of service all prices at Hamus Hosting FZCO exclude any tax due. Hamus Hosting FZCO is entitled to adjust prices for the services, for example as a result of increase of prices by inflation. This announcement must be made 30 days prior to the price change. Payments due for services must be made within 7 days. In the event of late payment, Hamus Hosting FZCO is entitled to discontinue the hosting services. The customer agrees to all damages (including legal costs) if Hamus Hosting FZCO is forced to incur costs for collecting the unpaid claims.

Managing crypto wallets

The Contractor can manage the cryptocurrencies produced for the Client in a business pool of clients. The sharing of the benefits of the pool starts on the day following the day of admission to the pool. The distribution of the pool revenues per server is based on the estimated production revenues per miner. If a server of the client (for example due to repair) doesn’t produce cryptocurrencies during its placement in the pool, the client will remain entitled to his/her part of the revenues of that pool. The client also contributes to the division of the joint costs of the pool during this period. Contrary to the previous provision on the distribution of revenues and costs, a server will not be entitled to revenue and contribute to the joint costs in case the server is older than 1 year and has been down for more than 1 week. The burden of proof rests on the client to prove the age of the miner. Costs for repair of servers will be charged to the specific client. The distribution of joint costs is based on the estimated consumption per server.


Termination of agreement

The agreement may be terminated by any party by sending a prior notice. The client shall send a prior notice 60 working days before the date of termination, and contractor shall send a prior notice 30 working days before the date of termination.

Hosting Services Warranty

Contractor guaranties an optimal effort for continuity of the hosting services. Contractor is not liable for discontinuity as a result of power outages, fire, natural disasters, military actions, terrorism, riots, civil unrest, political actions and other consequences contractor cannot influence. Contractor has no liability for activities that are outsourced, transportation or loss of data.


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